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Wound Care Connections UK

Wound Care Connections (WCC) Limited is a private company based in Yorkshire and managed by leading experts in Tissue Viability.

With over 60 years of experience gathered in the NHS, private healthcare sector and industry, the team at WCC can meet the needs of your organisation and staff.

The company aims to fulfill a need for education in all aspects of tissue viability and as such offers comprehensive programmes of education which can be flexible and tailored to individual need.

However, Wound Care Connections can also provide and share their expertise in writing for publication, accountability and service configuration for pressure ulcer prevention and management and leg ulcer management, expert witness reports, writing protocols/guidelines and educational programmes. Furthermore, WCC can provide consultancy on individual wound assessment and management problems.

The WCC team have a plethora of both practical and theoretical skills that can be utilised to help you develop and improve your practice, your service, raise your profile, or simply help you to see your way through the obstacles faced when delivering a strategic tissue viability agenda.

We work with industry to provide education through study days, one-to-one facilitation and publications, and where possible, we will review products.