About Us

The experts at Wound Care Connections have between them, over 60 years experience in health care, wound management and publishing. We pride ourselves on our expert in-depth knowledge, our extensive range of experience, and the fact that we strive to provide only the best advice and information on everything wound related. Wound Care Connections can ensure that you are taught the best and most effective way to treat your patient. Remember, we help you heal.

Wound Care Connections provide wound care solutions and education to nursing home and hospital staff, students and companies specialising in wound care products. We offer many other services including:

• wound care educational and management conferences
• study days
• bespoke wound management courses, including post-delivery review of effectiveness
• wound management product advice and support
• expert witness and consultancy
• help with developing and presenting posters, journal articles and book chapters.

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Below are the directors and founders of Wound Care Connections.

Simon Barrett

BSc [hons], PGc, RGN

Simon has in excess of 10 years experience in tissue viability and wound management. He has been responsible for setting up and developing the Hull University leg ulcer module as part of the Tissue Viability degree. Until recently he was the vice chair of the Tissue Viability Nurses Association (TVNA) and the Wound Care Alliance (WCA), as well as sitting on the Leg Ulcer Forum (LUF) committee.

His ambition and motivation within wound care continues to be, 'to raise awareness of the growing issue of skin breakdown, and to build on practitioners existing levels of skill and knowledge through education'.

Simon also:
• is expert witness, having undertaken a recognised course
• is an independent and supplementary prescriber
• teaches on both pre and post registration university courses
• has extensive experience in both planning and presenting at local, national and international wound care conferences
• has vast experience in national and international research trials
• has had articles published in various relevant journals

Brenda King MBE

BMedSci (hons), MMedSci, RN, ONC, DN

Brenda is an experienced Nurse Consultant in Tissue Viability with previous experience in community nursing. She was appointed to the post of Tissue Viability Nurse in 1992, one of the first such posts in the United Kingdom. She has been instrumental in developing local wound care services and training programmes for leg ulcer management and pressure ulcer prevention and management.

Brenda has completed an expert witness course and has experience of writing expert reports for the Coroner. She has many interests in Tissue Viability, has published widely, and presented at local, national and international conferences.

Brenda also:
• has contributed to the development of the former English National Board (ENB) N18 leg ulcer course at Sheffield University
• is actively involved in clinical research
• is involved in a tele-wound care project
• sits on the data monitoring committee for the Venus III trial
• sits on the steering committee for Venus IV trial
• sits on the Leg Ulcer Forum Committee and is the education lead for the LUF
• is a member of the expert advisory panel for the National Prescribing Committee (NPC)
• is a member of the Mölnylcke Health Care Wound Care Academy Scholarship and Awards judging panel
• is a member of the Herve le Lous Awards (Urgo) judging panel

Brenda has also been the recipient of a number of awards including:
• an MBE in the 2009 birthday honours for services to healthcare
• the Wounds UK award 2007 for oedema management
• the Journal of Wound Care/Mölnylcke Scholarship (2002) for primary research
• the Journal of Wound Care/Mölnylcke Award for literature review (2002) (pain on dressing change) and 1998 (photoplethysmography)

Deborah Glover

BSc (joint hons), RN

Deborah trained as an RGN at University College Hospital London. After qualifying, she worked in several clinical areas including care of the elderly, oncology, ITU, HIV and day surgery.

In 1985 she became a full time student and in 1990, became a practice development nurse at the Westminster hospital. Various other practice and professional development posts - all with an element of tissue viability - kept her busy until 1995, at which point she became an independent consultant. This took her to various organisations around the country and to a career highlight, 7 weeks working on a nursing development project in Tobago.

Deborah then joined the King's Fund working on the Practice Development Network and Intermediate Care projects which involved working with various organisations such as the Department of Health and Nursing Times. This ignited an interest in publishing and in 1998, became clinical editor on Nursing Times and then editor of the Journal of Wound Care in 2000.

Since 2007 she has been working as an independent advisor. Her clients include key players in the wound care and dermatology industry, the NHS and individuals. Deborah has a keen interest in the legal and accountability aspects of wound care and nursing practice. She has published widely, and presented at local, national and international conferences.

Deborah's projects include: • a review of, and made recommendations for, the development of the pressure ulcer prevention and management strategy at an NHS Trust
• working with a leading wound care company on a number of projects including: commissioning and editing their quarterly Wound Care Bulletin; providing study days/sessions for key clients on writing for publication and accountability; driving and coordinating their annual scholarship and awards programme and supporting winners throughout their scholarship year; organising national and international symposia at conferences
• helping to develop and scope a compliance project for a wound care provider. This comprised focus group work, article writing and liaison between client and NHS staff at all levels
• writing an information/marketing booklet for clinical staff based on clinical trials and studies
• undertaking commissions from Journal of Wound Care, Nursing Times and Wounds UK Journal (articles, supplements and other projects). Editing articles for a key Royal College of Nursing Publishing journal
• facilitating and coordinating an expert working group to define best practice guidelines for the use of Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) therapy in paediatrics. Wrote and edited resulting document
• commissioning and editing the International Lymphoedema Framework's focus and position documents (2010)

Deborah is also a Trustee of the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation and Director/trustee of the International Lymphoedema Framework.