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Wound Care Education

The WCC team have the flexibility to deliver education on all aspects of tissue viability. Study days or longer courses can be delivered in a place convenient to you, be it an acute care, primary care, or nursing and residential care home settings. Our education can be tailored to meet the needs of your qualified staff, support staff and nursing assistants.

Below is a brief overview of the content of our courses.

Wound Management
Anatomy of the skin
Wound Healing: normal versus abnormal healing
Wound assessment and management
Wound debridement (including the use of larvae therapy)
Wound assessment tools: which is best for your organisation?
Dressing selection (including topical negative pressure therapy)
Skin care and dermatological problems
Wound infection and management, including the appropriate use of topical antimicrobials
Assessment and management of wound pain
Pain assessment tools: which is best for your organisation?
v Complex wound management
Nutrition and wound healing
Pressure Ulcers
Pressure ulcer prevention and management
Pressure ulcer assessment, including the use of pressure ulcer risk assessment tools
Pressure ulcer grading and documentation
Skin care in association with pressure ulceration
The role of and choosing pressure relieving / reducing equipment
Equipment testing / audit
Positioning for pressure relief and seating
Benchmarking pressure ulcers and quality

Leg ulcers
Leg ulcer assessment and management
Doppler training and recording an ABPI
Compression therapy training (bandaging and hosiery)
Understanding compression values of different hosiery
Measuring and fitting compression hosiery
Competency training in leg ulcer assessment and management
Compression bandaging training (4 layer, 2 layer and short stretch) including competency assessments
Service delivery for leg ulcer care and setting up leg ulcer services

Lymphoedema and chronic lower leg oedema
Assessment of the oedematous lower leg
Assessment of lymphoedema
Management of lymphoedema

Diabetes and wounds
Management of the diabetic with a wound

Other topics
Accountability and legal issues in wound care
Record keeping
Writing for publication/posters
Presentation skills
Delivering tissue viability in the quality agenda
Integration of tissue viability services with other organisations
Pressure ulcer auditing for benchmarking and quality indicators
Infection control, wounds and tissue viability

All training sessions can be tailored to suit individual organisational needs!